Pure contention can be experienced via listening to a good Indie song, can’t it? Sure, I could order two pizzas and eat my way into happiness but give me a tune filled to the brim with jangly guitars and boom, fast tracked into contention heaven, baby. ‘These Words Repeat’ is the new single from Liverpool four piece Denio and well, it’s time to jump this queue.

With an intro full of a reverb-jacked guitar, ‘These Words Repeat’ sets off to bust it’s way into the skull and set up a makeshift disco. It flits frantically between delivering it’s fluid intro and an off-kilter jangle that comes with a side of harsh harmonies, before mellowing slightly for the chorus which halts on the brakes before setting off again. Denio have seemingly stumbled their way through the song and the result is something that shows off all of it’s colours before disappearing into the night, and I dig it. This level of chaotic groove appeals to the ears and I appreciate Denio’s knack for delivering something that’s a little off-kilter.

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