Denny are a trio from USA and this is their new single ‘Love Somebody With a Face Like You’. Sometimes you come across music that does everything it sets to do so well, and it absolutely needs to be celebrated. This is a perfect collision of Pop, House Music and Funk and I am definitely going to rave about it.

Kicking off with an intro drenched in emotion with crooning, heartfelt vocals and synths that seem to drift off into the sunset, Denny do a fantastic job of adding some much needed groove and happiness to the instrumental. Snappy drums chime in with undeniable grooves, sketchy guitars add some fodder to the hips and the falsetto…good lord the falsetto sounds good.

‘Love Somebody With a Face Like You’ is a superb song from Denny and I cannot deny how happy it makes me feel. It has everything you could want from an upbeat number, and even goes beyond with an insatiable sax solo towards the end. GODDAMN this is good.


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