Diving Station – ‘Fruit Flies’ / New Single

As we approach the winter months; along with it the dreaded dark 4pms and wet and windy climes – it’s welcome to be transported to a world full of ‘Fruit Flies’. Evocative of a mellow summer’s evening, this track is the latest output from Manchester band Diving Station.

The four-piece have been writing and performing together for five years, and their catalogue so far depicts a growth and progression of their sound. ‘Fruit Flies’ is the introduction to a culmination of their evolution. Lead singer Anna McLuckie provides saccharine vocals which wrap around fairytale harp arrangement, light percussion and subdued guitar. 

This gentle song almost feels like a sigh of relief. Lyrical ingenuity is but one aspect of what makes ‘Fruit Flies’ so brilliant. Its sonic landscape is packed with dreamy ambience, cleverly composed as a triumph of Diving Station’s craftsmanship. 

Written as a reflection on 2019’s festival season, ‘Fruit Flies’ is all the more appropriate now, where there is a collective longing for days gone by. Its delicate production carries with it a sublime air of nostalgia, which Anna notes was intentional. “We wanted to capture a real sunny innocence and naivety in the words and the melody”, she said of the track. I reckon it was captured marvellously. 

Diving Station are anticipated to release their upcoming EP in the near future… keep your eyes peeled!

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