Dizzy – ‘Roman Candles’ / New Single

Dizzy’s 2018 debut album Baby Teeth was a defining record for me. Languid and nostalgic, Baby Teeth is a delicate collection of coming-of-age songs detailing the highs and lows of post-adolescence. A reflection of suburban living, the album acted as a soundtrack to that angsty period of my life where I was transitioning to adulthood, in a liminal state which felt at times almost dreamlike.

Two years on, Dizzy are growing up. The group’s frontwoman Katie Munshaw has described the upcoming sophomore effort as a product of the qualities about herself that she is not very proud of – of self-heartbreak, away from the sadness and confusion of being a teen and toward the insular and often damaging reality of coming into your own.

So far, the band have shared three songs from The Sun and Her Scorch, which is set for release on July 31st. ‘Sunflower’, ‘The Magician’, and latest single ‘Roman Candles’ carry the familiar qualities of Dizzy’s formative productions. Entrenched in sentimental commentary and metaphor-driven lyrical content, each track encompasses perfectly what is meant when we refer to music as dream-pop. Listening to Dizzy’s repertoire truly evokes a lucid feeling. I like to listen to their music when I walk late at night. There’s something about strolling through an empty, streetlamp-lit neighbourhood, in the chilly twilight air, past rows of houses filled with people whose stories you’ll never know that pairs perfectly with the fanciful melodies that Dizzy create. Munshaw’s tender vocal delivery, layered over a foundation of gentle percussion and experimental synth work, makes for an impressive collection of fresh tracks.

I have no doubt that The Sun and Her Scorch will be an excellent successor to the group’s acclaimed debut. Let’s face it, though I am no longer a fickle and uncertain teen, I’m at times an insecure and afraid twenty-something. I’ve outgrown the sort of things that Dizzy were singing about a few years ago, but the skin that shed has made way for more anxieties. Loss, low self-esteem, pushing away the people who love you… Dizzy are once again unafraid to address these issues head on as they lead forward with new music. ‘Roman Candles’ tackles jealousy bred from stagnancy – of looking at someone else’s seemingly great life from afar, worried that you might have made the wrong choices as you lead your own. The song features lovely musical composition as expected, including a memorable yet vulnerable chorus that is sure to make your heart ache as you sing along.

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