Sunderland’s Docksuns release new single ‘Dancing on the Radio’.  This effortlessly catchy tune offers biting lyricism of an ex-turned-Popstar against care-free grooves.

Docksuns return with new single ‘Dancing on the Radio’. Written about a former lover becoming a Popstar, you’d presume it’d be steeped in anger and you would be right, kinda. The lyrics let loose with all manner of emotions. A justified vent, but the band backs it up with an instrumental with little care in the world. I used to date someone who’s famous, and honestly it’s nice to see her doing so well, although I’m still sure why she chose to no longer do Bake Off.

With sunny melodies and dozy harmonies, ‘Dancing on the Radio’ is a song steeped in summer vibes. Venomous bites of guitars mellow into a breezier mood, bringing fluid chords to the mix that seem to swirl endlessly around the rigid groove of the drums. The chorus is a proper triumph, with one of the best hooks around that immediately sticks to the brain.

For a song to have this topic, it could’ve easily fallen victim to resentment and become a much tougher listen. However, Docksuns have succeeded in making a song that moves on from those initial reactions and something that’s catchy instead. It’s dead good.

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