Sometimes running a music blog is stressful. When your head’s buried amongst a sea of submissions and deadlines, it’s hard to maintain the upbeat tempo throughout, until you come across Droopies. What a fun fucking word to say out loud. Say it right now, go on. Is your day better already? I bet it is.

Droopies return with new single ‘Gone Wrong’ from their second album Responsible People and it is a droopie indeed. Fuzzy guitars lead the way in creating some suitable earworms for your eardrums, filling the canals with a glorious dose of sure fire distortion to get you ready for the day. Frantic drums do their thing in the background while the vocals wail and yearn at the forefront, proper projecting some seriously old school vibes when this kind of music ruled the world.

‘Gone Wrong’ is a fun, short little burst of energy and a definite reason why you should then go on to check out Responsible People. Nice work guys.

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