Duncan Wood – Where Am I? | EP Review

Duncan Wood is a singer-songwriter from the US and this is his debut EP Where Am I?. This dude is influenced by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Bon Iver, D’Angelo amongst others which gives off a sound that frankly I find mesmerising. Opening track ‘Big Sur’ is a wholesome acoustic number that introduces a wonderful dose of horns that not only adds a little Jazzy vibe to the mix but also tips it over the edge as one of the most wonderful songs I’ve heard of 2018 so far.

Once the little answering machine interlude of ‘Where Am I Part I’ concludes we’re then thrown into another sunny adventure in ‘In Your Flame’. This track once again delivers an instrumental that essentially smiles through the speakers and plants a big old kiss of joy on your pretty little face. The jazzy elements leak through and really helps elevates things into a full blown ballad rather than your everyday acoustic cut, it’s amazing.

Where Am I? honestly is a wonderful EP. Duncan Wood alongside the help of friends converts the traditional singer-songwriter project into something that’s full of life and depth, while also leaving a couple hits along the way. I love the blend of acoustic goodness with Jazz as it works really well throughout and yeah, it’s dead good.

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