Edited People underwent a transformation this year, heading into a Poppier direction compared to the rockier sound of ‘Doll’. This has resulted in a lot of songs released, culminating in new single ‘Natural Disaster’.

Despite leaving their heavier roots behind, ‘Natural Disaster’ still maintains the elements of Edited People that makes their music impactful. A massive melody rings through the atmosphere, backed by a solid rhythm section that scatters the percussion and directs straight shots of bass to the skull. Frontwoman Alisha’s cool vocals make their way through the layers of sound, mixing up the flow to keep things fresh. The chorus erupts with emotion, detailing the importance of self-worth while rolling with the guitars to produce a hook that’s been stuck in my head for ages now.

With this much noise it’s hard to ignore Edited People. They’ve been making serious waves this year, and this new sound has really allowed them to explore various avenues. ‘Natural Disaster’ is proof of that, making a stand while also hinting at what to expect from their eventual EP.

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