Edited People ¦ Release and chat about new single “Doll”

Edited People are a four piece from Leeds and “Doll” is their new single. Kicking off their career with “Feel My Skin” at the end of last year, their first full year as a band has been one met with a ton of success so far. This new single is sure to garner much more of the same praise as it is a banger, and one that I’m very excited to bring to your ears. The band also took the time to have an interview to talk about it too! Massive thanks to Alisha & the band for doing so.

“Doll” kicks off to a frantic guitar riff that quickly raises the energy levels, tearing through its notes against Alisha’s vocals before the full band come in with thunderous drums and basslines that cut through the noise. What impresses the most is how the band drops various hooks while maintaining the tempo throughout, such as the quick harmony hook and the little licks from the guitar.

The new single is a tune, plain and simple. It’s a track that hits hard but comes with a solid amount of groove, albeit groove that’s stuck within the distorted noise of the band’s sound. The result is a listen that’s enthralling and one that makes me very excited to hear where Edited People go next.


Hey Edited People, how’s it going?
It’s going well thank you.

First of all, can you tell the people about how the band came together?
Well, me tom and josh all knew each-over from college. But we didn’t really speak much. It was only when we started university where we became a lot closer. Early on at uni, me and josh wanted to start a band. We started writing and performing original music as an acoustic duo and crafted our own sound. At the beginning of 3rd year, we took our styles of songwriting and applied it to a band. This is when Edited People began. It all took a long time to come together.

You’re soon to release your new single “Doll” on July 26th. What can you tell us about it?
Doll is a fast paced, heavy track with a lot of riffs. It takes influence from bands like System of a Down.

Our new single ‘Doll’ talks about some of the pressures of life today.  I believe a lot of people can relate to the message of this. It’s about the constant pressure of achieving success. It’s about asking yourself the same questions like “how can I make money?” “What am I going to do in the future?” “This persons successful at 22 and I’m not, does that make me a failure?” I asked myself these questions every day and it just sent me insane. Every day I was looking through my social media and making myself feel like shit because all I was seeing was people who were loads more successful than me. I felt inadequate. This songs really important to me as it’s a reminder of what success means to me.

It follows “Other Side of Me” and “Midnight” as your third single of 2019. Should we expect it to sound similar to those two?
No definitely not. Obviously, it’s still alternative but I’d say it’s catchier than our previous releases and it’s something you can definitely let yourself go to. One of our favourite songs to play live.

Is this leading to a substantial release any time soon?
We’ve got our EP out with all 4 of the songs that is available in person. However, we’ve got an exciting release coming this January. Over the summer we’ve been writing more and more music and developing our sound further. Extremely excited to release those.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be?
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