Edited People / New Single / “What I Want”

Edited People return with new single “What I Want”. The Leeds quartet blew my mind with single “Doll” last year, and with an EP on the way, it seems my cranium’s gonna be even emptier than normal this year.

“Doll” resonated with me due to its use of heavy guitars, producing riffs that had a driving energy to it from the start. However, it seems the band have forgone the riffs on this new single. In place of the guitars comes a wall of synthesiser, bringing an impact equally as hard as the one from the six-stringed neighbour. Lyrics of self-love and the journey towards and backed up by these massive moments, boosted by the rhythm section and resulting in the biggest instrumental Edited People have made to date.

“What I Want” delivers a change of direction from Edited People that came as a surprise but works very well. It’s an anthem of a track, and one that could kick-start them into the next stage of their career.

Listen to “What I Want” below and check out Edited People on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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