To those of us captivated by the sound of pop’s most recent watershed– and I mean the rise of Billie Eilish of course– look no further than Eiza Murphy and her new single ‘Taxi’ to feed your cravings. Murphy’s vocals have that same playful deadliness of Eilish’s Don’t Smile at Me in the sliding, ‘Watch’-like chorus and when she reaches, smoothly, to breathy highs. It feels like Murphy is eyeing up the poor killjoy at the heart of her track like prey, and in full confidence of her own power. You will know this power too, from the moment Murphy welcomes you into the room. 

Caption worthy quips package the dark energy of ‘Taxi’ nicely: ‘Make me up a coffin babe, cus I’m bored to death’. ‘I just want to make a mess’, Murphy goes on to declare in the bridge, committing to chaos in her expert balance of prettiness and violence. It was ‘a vent’ ‘after leaving the most toxic party and thinking ‘god how do people not see through this?’’ that got Murphy here. A toxic atmosphere is enough to set anyone raging, though few could do it in a way so pleasing on the ears. Pared down production builds into a satisfyingly weighted chorus that really allows Murphy’s emotive vocals to shine and the car and static samples to play to full effect. 

‘Taxi’ makes for a slick follow up to the 21 year old artist’s debut ‘Black Hole’ which rose to number one on the Irish Itunes chart earlier in the year. I have a feeling this, and more, is in store for ‘Taxi’ and whatever comes on its heels. Hopefully Murphy is an artist we will only hear more from. 

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