Eli Raybon traverses the skies with new single | “Empathy Test”

Sci-Fi gets bad press sometimes. Sure, there are going to be people who take it too far but how come it’s considered normal to mock a lad dressed as Luke Skywalker but not even a thing considered when flocks of people rock a top bun? It doesn’t make sense. Sci-Fi is a genres that traverses through dimensions, time and space yet we allow reality tv to be a thing without any hint of scrutiny.

Eli Raybon looks to defy and convert those who judge with his upcoming Sci-Fi concept album Supertoys but has provided a new single in “Empathy Test”. Loaded with glitches, Stranger Things-intro sounds and a drumkit straight from the 80s, this is a single that cannot be hated. Eli’s soulful croon adds a darker tone to this otherwise retro sound, and how can you not enjoy the bubbling vibrancy of the instrumental?

The heavy basslines, dancefloor-influenced beats and even the spaceship battle that seemingly forms midway makes “Empathy Test” one of the most enjoyable songs we’ve heard in a long while. Long live Eli Raybon, and we cannot wait to hear Supertoys.

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