Emili – ‘Better’ / New Single

Emili returns with her new single ‘Better’. The New Jersey artist has been keeping busy during the pandemic, releasing a slew of singles that’ve accrued quite a buzz over the past few months. Her latest was written specifically for her big sister’s wedding, which is quite nice. Especially for a sibling. I got hammered and became shunned by my family at my sister’s wedding.

‘Better’ has all the butterfly feelings that comes with being in love. Little flourishes of piano dance their way through laid-back, almost bluesy guitars. The percussion adds a touch of texture in the background, bringing a Jazzy vibe to the song. It pairs well with Emili’s vocals, which sing jovial lyrics as well as add sweet harmonies that seem to envelop between the layers too.  

As an avid hate-watcher of Disney’s Fairytale Weddings, I’ve heard a fair number of generic love songs, but ‘Better’ is the real deal. It’s a song that wraps you in the spectacle of it all, with lyrics that are sung with genuine emotion. I might call up my sister and ask if she’d redo her wedding, just so we can have this song playing. I might even drink less this time too.

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