Emzae returns with her new single and second of the year ‘THRIVE’. It’s a song that acts as an anthem for those who’ve ever felt uncomfortable in social settings, and are ready to start showing off their true, wonderful selves. I’ve felt uncomfortable in a lot of situations over the years and am really thriving (pun) during lockdown. The worst being a weekend trip to Amsterdam with friends who were heading into one direction while I drifted towards the other. It was clear before that we were growing apart, but this trip confirmed it. They wanted the red light district, I wanted more Stroopwafels.

Deep synths fuzz against wandering beats and percussion that snaps into place, creating an old school instrumental that means ‘THRIVE’ attacks the hips with ease. Emzae’s vocals questions her hesitations and celebrates her desire to be free of all anxiety. I really like how she mixes up the pace of her vocals as it creates some seriously groovy moments throughout.

‘THRIVE’ is a punchy number that embraces an 80’s look and delivers big on proper catchy vibes. Emzae has produced a song fuelled with empowerment and could lead the way for people to start being themselves. It’s really good. Maybe the best song emzae has made yet.

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