Engine Summer get us revved up with new single | “Outside the Curtain”

You ever experience that moment in which you’re listening to the danceable thunder of LCD Soundsystem, the eventual collapse of Talking Heads and the collision of instruments from Fugazi and wonder “this is good, but how do we make that all happen at once?” WELL. Engine Summer are the answer as their new single “Outside The Curtain” does all of that to your warmest desires.

Chugging along with a spirted feeling of unease, “Outside The Curtain” is a rolling steam train that knows there’s no bridge along the clifftops. The repeated onslaught of the vocals shroud the mind as the guitars build steadily, eventually erupting with a burst of energy that batter its way through the airwaves. Engine Summer maintain the tempo perfectly, dropping in licks of funk-tinged guitars along the way to keep up the excitement. It’s brilliant post-punk at its best, and one that throws itself through the curtain and dives right off the edge.

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