Exclusive ¦ Hear the debut single from London’s Clo “Shoot Me Down”

Life is often directed by the way we react to situations. Sometimes we’re able to coast on happiness until a false sense of security lulls us into believing everything’s going swimmingly. Very quickly that security can snap, and we fall into darkness. Sure, we can choose to be enveloped by the darkness but we can also choose to get back on our feet, and start to move forwards. Moving forward allowed Clo to start making music, and allows us the opportunity to premiere the London artist’s debut single “Shoot Me Down” to you today.

‘Shoot Me Down fuses vulnerability and empowerment, exploring reaction and action’ says Clo. Drawing inspiration from the two worlds of Yin and Yang, “Shoot Me Down” pairs together the dramatic power of the piano with the spaciousness of synthesisers. The sound is one that packs a punch with Clo’s passionate vocals but envelops it in an atmosphere that’s somewhat light and certainly accessible. The minimal percussion in the background cuts through the layers of synthesiser, while Clo and the piano work together to meander their way through the mix to deliver all manner of hooks to really grab your attention.

Clo has really made an entrance with this debut. All of the instruments, the vocals, the harmonies come together to create a performance that means “Shoot Me Down” absolutely warrants your full attention.

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