The always lovely trio that is Exnations have returned with new single ‘Can’t Get Hurt’. I absolutely adored their debut single ‘Never About The Money’ and am particularly psyched for this new single, especially as it seems to be about coming to terms with anxiety and learning to accept it. A wonderful snippet from the premiere on the excellent Lemonade Magazine that stood out to me was “This song is a celebration of the moment that anxiety’s weight is lifted. In that moment, you might as well dance.”. Awesome.

For a theme that powerful, Exnations have ensured that the instrumental is equally impactful. Soaring walls of synth goodness immediately create an atmosphere that’s sturdy above to knock down any feelings of insecurity, and pairs it up with additional sounds of twinkling synths and thunderous electric drums. It’s lyricism calls out the struggle of battling anxiety and firmly shuts it down, projecting a huge chorus that absolutely dissipates any feeling of struggle, leaving a pretty wholesome message at the end.

‘Can’t Get Hurt’ is a wonderful song from Exnations. These guys seem to make sure to stick some good themes into their music while also ensuring the music is pretty catchy too, and that’s great. With mention of an EP coming sometime this year, it’s time to get properly into them.


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