Exnations deliver another life-affirming set of songs with new EP ¦ Pink Haze

“It’s sad, but we’re still dancing”, probably the best way to describe the sound of Exnations.  Downtrodden instrumentals constantly experience highs and lows that showcase what it means to be human, and while this was introduced in a positive light on the trio’s debut EP Tiny Sound In the Dark, they fully embrace it with their new EP, Pink Haze.

“Tether” kicks off the EP with an instrumental built up of hazy synthesisers and melodies that seem to wander into the airwaves. Heartfelt lyricism reveals the necessity that two people have become for one another, detailing the rush of emotions that comes with the beginnings of a relationship. It’s a really gorgeous tune, and one that sets up the rest of Pink Haze wonderfully.

Pink Haze retains a lot of the rise above nature and ambitiousness that was prevalent on Tiny Sound, with the soaring vocals on “Floating on a Pink Haze”, the anthemic guitar parts of “Slow Erosion” and the cute blips of synths on “Modern Kids”. The EP is filled with moments that spark optimism inside and while it comes with its demons, it guarantees that we’re always going to end up dancing in the rain after all.  We spend a lot of our lives wishing everything to be hunky dory, but what Exnations do is show us how to make the most of hunky dory when it comes around.

Exnations continue to blow my mind with their music. Pink Haze is another EP that puts forth an attitude that’s life affirming and shifts perspectives too. This is an EP that can be enjoyed regardless of mood, as it can help you feel better and also make you cherish those good feelings too. As well as this, it does so in a way that throws all sorts hooks and vibes that sound so good too. Much like “John Hughes Movie Soundtrack”, Exnations would be the guys blasting a boombox at your bedroom window.

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