EXNATIONS / New Single / “11:59”

New Year’s Eve is a unique experience in that it’s an event that involves a crowd, but each individual holds their own celebration. Whether it’s a thankful goodbye to a tumultuous twelve months, or the start of a new regime to become a better version of themselves, NYE is simultaneously the most social and loneliest time of year. With all that said, EXNATIONS has provided the definitive song in “11:59” that sums it up perfectly.

While some people see the start of a new year as a good time to be healthier, get a new job, pursue a new hobby etc. for others it’s simply enjoying the fact they survived it. “11:59” illustrates that feeling in a bold way, with lyricism detailing the notion of “barely holding on” against a vast atmosphere akin to true EXNATIONS tunes. Billowing layers of synths fill the room with ambition, with appearances from percussion and additional synths sneaking their way into the mix. This builds the tension as the song heads into an optimistic mind-set, with the pivotal moment coming in a gorgeous outburst of emotion. Bold statements of still standing tall take over the airwaves, strongly resisting the roaring guitar riffs in the background. It’s EXNATIONS at their boldest, and the result is a song that sticks middle fingers up in the air to its past and looks forward to the future. Fuck yes. We got this.

“11:59” is a fantastic way to make you feel empowered and ready to take on the world again. This is absolutely the song we needed to hear. Thank you, EXNATIONS. Listen to “11:59” below and check out EXNATIONS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

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