Sometimes I turn to music to give me some grooves, a little hop to my step. Other times I look to have my face absolutely caved in by it – and this is one of the bastards responsible for doing that. Gutterbawl is the new EP from Eyebawl, and it’s awesome.

Lead single ‘Prom Queen’ kicks off the EP with all sorts of angry guitar riffs and thunderous drums, which pair up nicely against the female vocals to create a trait that helps Eyebawl stand out from other garage rock bands. It’s heavy and a great way to get the fire burning. ‘Better Than Me’ follows with a slightly more melodic instrumental that’s scrappily performed to maintain the level of ruggedness. This goes up against drums that seem to roll forever to turn the track into a mind-warping listen that’s pretty…enjoyable, actually.

Gutterbawl is a superb EP from Eyebawl. The trio deliver something that not only sticks to conventional methods but isn’t afraid to step outside of those boundaries too. The result is an EP that’s constantly refreshing itself and makes for some great listening.

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