Falcon Jane are set to release Feelin’ Freaky sometime soon, and have released two singles that definitely gets me excited for it. I adored ‘Go With The Flow’ back in March, and am very much enjoying new single ‘The News’ too. You can imagine the excitement I had having an interview with the band! In this interview we talk about the new single, the new record and all sorts of context too. Enjoy, and make sure to look out for Feelin’ Freaky.

Hi Falcon Jane, how’s it going? Hey! Going good – super busy and excited right now as the summer kicks off, but it feels all right. 

First of all, what’s the story behind the formation of Falcon Jane and how you came up with that name? “Falcon Jane” was a stage name I came up with when I used to play open mics years ago. My real name is “Sara May” and if you look up “Sara May music” on YouTube, google, etc. you’ll see why I needed a different name – it’s so common! The members of the band came together slowly through a series of divine appointments over the last five years, and now that we’ve found each other, we’re all best friends!

You’ve just released a new single in ‘The News’. What can you tell us about it? I was surprised with how sad ‘The News’ is after we had finished writing and recording it. Sometimes when I listen back to it I’m like “Holy crap there are some really sad lines in here!” It’s a reminder that we can all get real down in the dumps, but also have glorious highs – peaks and valleys. It’s a true testament to the idea of going into a trance while songwriting. I tapped into some really deep insecurities and fears: “I’m afraid of being lonely, afraid of being left broken, I woke up to find I might never see you again” – Damn that’s sad!

It seems to follow a similar path to previous single ‘Go With The Flow’ in that it looks to bring chilled, relaxed atmospheres to the ears. Is that what you were looking for with it? And could we expect to hear that throughout Feelin’ Freaky? Only after releasing ‘Go With The Flow’ and reading numerous reviews and articles that described Falcon Jane as chill-out-stoner-slow-rock, I realized that the music we create is undeniably chill. I don’t really see myself as a relaxed person – I get pretty anxious, stressed and neurotic – I’m a virgo after all! I think I use music as the antidote to my over-analytical brain – it’s like the embodiment of what I want to be, or what I wish I was. So yeah, ‘Feelin’ Freaky’ is pretty friggin chill – but to me it feels intense and powerful. 

Speaking of the new record, when can we expect to hear it? It will be out in August 2018! Only a few more months. I’m so excited!

Will it offer a different sound to Alive n Well or will both records accompany each other nicely? It is definitely different from ‘alive n well’. Falcon Jane was a three piece at that point, and we went into the recording process without much planned or prepared. I learned a lot. Alternatively, we were so ready to record ‘Feelin’ Freaky’ – we knew what songs we were going to record, we had been practicing intensely, making demos, schedules, meal plans etc! We felt so much more like a real band, and I think the music reflects that. The songs are more full and intricate, it’s less singer-songwriter and more rock-n-roll (though still very chill)! The new album feels like a big step in the direction that we want to be going.

You’re quite open to talking about anxiety and dealing with it. Does it play quite a big part in your life? Do you use music as a coping method of sorts? Yes! Like I said earlier, I think music is my medicine. Sometimes it’s the only thing that can clear my mind and ground me – the only thing that makes sense. Whether it’s in the moment of writing a song, or playing an old song with themes that are reoccurring in my life, it’s comforting to know that there is deep wisdom and truth within me. Even though anxiety, depression and stress can block me from accessing that wisdom, music seems to be the thing that can break through and find it again. “The News” is a great example of that. I didn’t write it about one person or one incident specifically, but since writing it, I’ve found that the song has continued to provide me with the words that I can’t find or that I’ve forgotten how to express. 

What else is planned for Falcon Jane in 2018 once the new record is out? We’ve got so many cool shows to play this summer, and are touring through Canada once the album is out. I’ve also made some cool holographic merch stickers that I’m really excited about 🙂 

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? Last night we played the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto – it was a Sunday night, the band was exhausted from playing the night before and shooting a music video all day, and I didn’t know whether anyone was going to show up or not. But it turned out to be an amazing night! The crowd was lively and attentive, and you could really feel the supportive, loving vibes being exchanged between the musicians and the audience. I completely forgot how tired I was, and felt like I could really take risks and honestly express myself. So, I just want to say thank you and I love you to everyone who makes us feel like that. I’m feeling so grateful for everyone who listens. 

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