Sometimes in blogging, I will struggle to get the urge to write about a particular artist or song. Other times, I will have no option but to write about a particular artist or song. World, let me introduce you to Fanclub. The project was formed by Mike Lee with the intention to create something that holds all the elements Mike loves in music, and their debut single ‘Leaves’ certainly does that, as well as have all the elements I love to hear in music too.

This trio combines the strengths of lo-fi indie pop with the dreamy soundscapes of shoegaze to create something that leaves (heh) a lasting impression on the listener. ‘Leaves’ features an optimistic instrumental, with a flurry of fuzzy guitars muddying the airwaves while synthesisers cut through with some sincerely pure goodness. Vocalist Leslie Crunkilton’s floaty voice calms the rough-edged instrumental just a tad, and with seriously relatable lyrics, immediately strikes a connection with you.

It’s immense, and I’ve not heard a debut as strong as this in a long while. ‘Leaves’ is a great single from Fanclub, and I’ve never been so excited by a new band like this before.


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