Back in September, we were graced with “Leaves”. The debut single from Texas trio Fanclub seemed to envelop our minds with layers of guitars steeped in fuzz, before the chimes of the synths swooned above our heads. It was a dreamlike wonder that properly knocked us off our feet, and left us wanting more. Finally, Fanclub deliver with All The Same, a debut EP that strives to blow us away over and over again.

What’s apparent is that the formula used on “Leaves” is present throughout All The Same. “Stranger” kicks off the EP with a frantic rush of drums against soaring guitar melodies, offering a melancholic dive into celestial goodness. New single “Swear” strips back the fuzz just a touch to allow emotion to pour in, whilst the melodies heard in “Dreamers” seem to become stars that float into existence.

It’s beautiful stuff, and All The Same is a superb EP from Fanclub. The way that the trio are prepared to explore different avenues with their sound allows the EP to breathe new life constantly, and it makes for some very nice listening. We could quite happily gaze at the stars listening to this beaut.  

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