“Young Guns” is the debut single from Fever Beam, a Florida trio self-described as “cowpunks” and absolutely stacked with all the tools to get you MOVIN’. With a tour and EP already scheduled this year, it seems all things Fever Beam are set to move as frantically as their debut single sounds.

The frantic tempo is built upon guitars that tear through the airwaves, conducting an intro that immediately makes you sit upright, curious as to what’s about to happen. Even as the riffs disappear the rushed drawl of Kasey Maloney’s vocals maintains that general unsteady feeling, especially against the drums. This all collides to an end as all instruments go head to head to make the most noise, eventually spilling out into a weird, surf-rock jangling display of implosion. It’s awesome. “Young Guns” is awesome. Fever Beam is awesome and WELL? You’re awesome for listening, too.

Featured image by Acute Perception. Check them out @acuteperception

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