Fever Days’ new single “Drugs”

Fever Days are back with new song “Drugs”, their third single of 2019. It sees a return to the band’s heavier sound which we last heard on their debut “What’s Your Problem?” The song details how lame it is to endure conversations with individuals whose lives revolve solely around drugs. I’ve experienced similar scenarios, hearing phrases like “oh boy, let’s go spark a fatty”, “I’ve just had a massive dooby” and “I could sure kill for 14 burgers right now”. Oddly enough, it was after those three phrases that I started not having friends. Weird.

With guitars laying down scrappy riffs and a rhythm section that sounds very determined, “Drugs” slips quickly into its groove. Having a rigid execution, the instrumentation is paired with vocals that are given the freedom to conjure up a plethora of harmonies to add a touch of haze to the mix. It’s another solid tune from Fever Days, and one that – quite rightly – tells people to shut up.

Listen to “Drugs” below and connect with Fever Days on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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