Imagine being told to imagine Rick James and Led Zeppelin having a baby. First of all, that’s gotta be physically impossible and at the very least uncomfortable but also…that’s quite a cool combination. The result is a band called Fever Feel, a four piece from Canada who are determined to bring the thunder of the 70’s back into the modern light. Their new single is called ‘Lose Your Mind’ and well, I’m now insane.

‘Lose Your Mind’ certainly takes the best parts of the 70’s and makes it it’s own. Heavy guitar riffs pair up with some furious drums to produce an intro that immediately gets into your head, and Fever Feel do a great job of pairing it up with a hook that’s simple in execution but stuck super hard into my back right now. Soon the track explores it’s avenues thoroughly, shifting between frantic sprints and mellowed out bouts of psychedelica to essentially confirm that you will indeed lose your mind listening to it.

It’s powerful, entertaining and a lot of fun to listen to and certainly leaves a mark on me. ‘Lose Your Mind’ is a great track, and I can’t wait to hear more from Fever Feel.

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