Fiona Grey is back with her new single ‘Kerosene’. With the superb Cult Classic EP released back in 2018, Fiona returns with a song that acts a defiant middle finger against a failing relationship. It’s everything you could want to help get your mojo back – ballsy guitars producing big noise and allowing you to feel okay with flipping off whoever crosses your path. Sorry Sue, you’re doing my head in today.

As mentioned already, ‘Kerosene’ is not afraid to get its hands dirty. Fiona’s vocals give an over-the-top performance that project all manner of bold lyricism, commanding demands and creating one of the best choruses to sing along to. ‘It’s a fucked up world, I’m your fucked up girl’ has got a real Angel Olsen energy vibe but is full of so much personality that it is undeniably Fiona Grey filling our ears. The instrumental is full of distorted guitars that crash against the drums, beating up one another to produce a sound that is dramatic beyond belief, but so enjoyable to listen to. It is a great song, and one that firmly reintroduces the world to Fiona Grey once again.

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