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Interview time! This week we caught up with Mike from the band Firestations, who blew our minds with their recent single ‘Build A Building’. In this little chat we talk about the new single, the formation of the band and some extra details about their upcoming new album The Year Dot. Make sure to follow Firestations on their Facebook / Twitter / Instagram profiles and enjoy!

Hey Firestations, how’s it going? Pretty well, thanks. This is Mike writing – it’s a slow/boring day at work so I thought I’d pass the time by doing this. More enjoyable than spreadsheets 😉 (Yes, it is possible!)

Who came up with the idea to get together and make music? I’ve been writing songs for many years now and for the last 7 or so getting more and more into DIY production as well. Firestations started life as a two-piece (me and Laura), gained a guitarist (Martin), a bassist (Giles) and a drummer (Tom). So now we’re a quintet. I hope you’re making notes on all this, there will be an exam later… Over time the music has changed from a kitchen/bedroom folky kind of thing to a full band kind of thing, but the main writing still starts with me at home and then we make a godawful racket in the studio until it starts to make some sense.

You recently released a new single in the form of ‘Build A Building’ which I absolutely adored. What’s the story behind it? Cheers – glad you like it. That one was quite a late addition to the pile of new songs. I already had the basis of a verse, but not much else, and Laura kept nagging me (in the nicest possible way) to finish it, so I did eventually. I like the way it turned out, I reckon it needed to languish on a hard drive for a few years to reach maturity (and to wait for my production skills to improve). It’s a lesson in patience, really. In terms of meaning, it’s about how it’s dangerous to listen to powerful people when they offer easy solutions to complex problems.

It’s also the first single to come from your upcoming new album The Year Dot. What made you guys decide to choose it as the first taste of the new record? It seemed like a good idea at the time. I guess it’s the most overtly “pop song” kind of song on the album and we thought it had some pretty alright “hooks” (as we try not to say) that we thought people might notice in the vast sea of new music out there.

Is the kinda upbeat, poppy sound heard through ‘Build A Building’ a good basis of what to expect from the other material on the new record, or will we be pleasantly surprised? The whole album has quite a pop-oriented production style to it, in that we’ve tried to make it a lush and absorbing listen. That’s a big factor in why it took us three years to make, actually. It’s got a lot of different types of song on it – some upbeat, some weird time signatures, some sad, some hopeful, some noisy, some quiet. Still, it’s not very long (under 40 mins) and we reckon it hangs together as a cohesive album rather than a random collection. If there are surprises we hope they’re pleasant!

Are there other plans for Firestations in 2018? Any live shows etc… We’ve got a few irons in a few fires so keep an eye on our website/twitter/facebook for some announcements. Our next show is supporting Martha Ffion at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington on Thursday 8th March. Tickets here: … After that there will an album launch party at the beginning of April, which we’ll be announcing soon. We’ve got quite a few new songs knocking about as well – a function of waiting to release The Year Dot – so we’re hopefully going to get an EP release together by the end of the year. Another single ‘Receiver’ is coming out digitally on Friday 16th Feb and it will also be out as a Lost Map postcard (PostMap if you will) in the middle of March.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? Thanks for asking us to do it. Sounds Good is good! And you’ve saved me from a terrible afternoon at work.

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