Firestations – ‘Build a Building’ | Song of the Week

It’s so nice when something just seems to fit really well, ain’t it? Like when you wake up and pop all your joints, there’s something so satisfying about bringing yourself back into Nimble City. Another thing is when sounds fit their actions too, like cracking a knuckle or the doorbell when pizza arrives. Firestations’ ‘Build A Building’ is a song that seems to fit so well, and it too is as satisfying as a cracked knuckle.

This London five piece are set to release a new album early this year titled The Year Dot and ‘Build A Building’ is the first taste of what to expect from it. It kicks off immediately with a catchy synth hook against lazily-strummed guitars that seem to breathe into the atmosphere, while snappy drums keep it all confined in this wonderful little Pop package. It’s easy-going tempo is full of dreamy vocals dreaming of aspirations and floating away, guitars that seemingly wrap around your brain and an overall sense that hey, everything is okay.

‘Build A Building’ is a great little tune from Firestations. It’s got everything you could want from a single: catchy tempo, very memorable hooks and a whole lot of satisfaction indeed.

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