The Year Dot is the new album from Firestations. It’s their second album and I was excited to check it out after hearing their excellent single ‘Build A Building’ which still receives heavy rotation to this day. It kicks off the record in a great way with it’s lead hook still plinking it’s way into the ears as strong as ever.

‘Make Your Own Mind Up’ follows with a performance that expands the record’s atmosphere hugely. Layers upon layers of sound are meshed together with a string of melodies wrapping tightly around them to create this cohesive, creative soundscape. It’s very well designed, and the drums and the constant flow of handclaps adds a touch of texture which really helps turn this song into one of the more interesting I’ve heard this year. This is then backed up the higher tempo of ‘Receiver’, a track that’s hasty in it’s mood but still deeply enamoured in delivering some drawn out melodies.

The middle of the record seems to mellow out into a set of songs determined to ease the listener into some deep thinking. The likes of ‘Holdouts’ and ‘Far Future Morning’ breeze past the ears with some easy-going, mid-tempo instrumentals that are rich and varied with numerous elements throughout. The latter’s warm sound leaks through onto ‘Pyramid Schemes’ which leaves me in a little trance of lovely chords and harmonies. It’s so good.

Firestations have done themselves proud with The Year Dot. It’s a record that blends effortlessly into each song and totally takes over your day with a series of well-crafted instrumentals that seem to flit easily into different genres. It’s a solid record and one that certainly meets my expectations. Nice work guys.

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