Foundling’s storming new single “Enemy”

“Enemy” is the new single from London quartet Foundlings. With their debut EP out next month on the crowd-funded, one of a kind label Last Night From Glasgow, 2019 is looking to be their biggest year so far. “Enemy” is the track determined to get us hyped for it, and boy are we excited for it.

Thick walls of distorted noise immediately fill the ears as Foundlings’ blend of post-punk and dream-pop come to the surface. Amongst the walls and crashing drums are hints of melody that shimmer through the guitars to add a sombre touch to “Enemy”. Giving it the fire that warrants it’s title. The vocal performance of Amber Price is passionate and cuts straight through the layers and to the point, allowing the instrumental to regroup and return with an equally fiery delivery.

Foundlings’ new single is certainly no enemy of ours. It’s punchy, gutsy and we love the subtle inclusions of melody throughout. We personally cannot wait to hear more from these guys, and their EP is bound to be a beaut.

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