London darlings Foundlings return with their debut EP. This self-titled release arrives with much excitement thanks mostly to lead single “Enemy”. Its ability to carve thick walls of noise rocked us, and we loved that little pockets of melody were embedded deep in amongst this mammoth woodworking too.

This sound is heard throughout Foundlings as the quartet head on a journey of seeing how far they could take it. The snappy drums of “Caught Up on You” add energy and vigour to the airwaves, seemingly hell-bent on a relentless effort to knock down these walls built by “Enemy”. Frontwoman Amber’s vocals flit between the layers to bring a soft touch to the instrumental, creating an entry for harmonies to follow suit and add a real atmosphere to the mix.

“Busan” and “Slumber” bring an onslaught of guitars that could match the intensity of early Dinosaur Jr. records. We love the in-your-face nature it has, especially as it cuts a strong contrast against Amber’s vocals. It has an air of aggression to it that really appeals to us, and Foundlings succeed at using it to craft a debut EP that’s so enjoyable.

Foundlings have quickly found their sound and use it to produce a debut EP that’s brilliant. It maintains a frantic pace throughout and does not slow down one bit, even for the closing moments of “Fall Out”. Foundlings is a great listen, and we cannot wait to hear where Foundlings go from there.

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