Fox Medicine are a duo from outer space and this is their debut record Greetings From Mars. Comprised of Neezy Dynamite on guitars/vocals, and Vinny Keeps on drums, these two have become personal favourites since the release of their Noise Nurse Demos and the subsequent interview we had which was all parts bizarre and entertaining. You meet and interact with a lot of artists through music blogging and sometimes those interacts turn into forever-entwined bonds and well, I’ve fallen for these celestial beings.

Their desire has always been to stray away from conventional labels and sounds and simply bring an edge back to music. Greetings From Mars certainly delivers that, as throughout we’re treated to an abundance of riffage that could also double up as Thor’s hammer. ‘Glitter Alien’ is a weird mix of heavy riffage, snappy drums and a slice of noise. It drives home the determination to be different and easily kicks off the record in a big way. ‘Supervillain’ follows suit with another round of passionate vocals and sludgy guitars, as Neezy kills it on the forefront while Vinny slays on the drums.

Despite boasting eight tracks, Greetings From Mars certainly leaves a lasting impression. Fox Medicine have this wonderful ability to keep the record sounding always at the brink of self-destruction throughout, with the likes of ‘Licorice Lox’ and ‘Obstacles Popsicles’ sounding forever close to implosion. This almost brings an anticipation and urgency to the record that makes it an absolute delight to listen to, and paired with the duo’s seemingly casual trait to mix things up (see the endless shimmering hellfire of ‘Stars’) it makes Greetings From Mars one of the more impactful records of the year so far.

Simply put, Greetings From Mars is superb. Fox Medicine have certainly succeeded in bringing something different to our eardrums, and have done so in a way that leaves me feeling even more enamoured than before. This is gritty, ugly music that’s not afraid to throw a middle finger or two to traditional sounds, and that’s badass. I love this, I love Fox Medicine.


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