Foxgluvv has been an artist we’ve featured many times over the last year or so. Her music is a brand of unapologetic Pop that’s always guaranteed to be catchy, while sprinkled with all sorts of self-deprecation too. It’s the perfect blend of feeling good while relating hard to hating yourself. In her debut EP I Never Felt Hollywood, Foxgluvv expands upon her songwriting, detailing what is her most personal set of songs yet.

“Comprised of six tracks, the EP is the complete narrative of Imogen’s queer experience. From the beginning of her life where she didn’t see any LGBTQ+ representation in TV or Film (I Never Felt Hollywood), to rumours of her sexuality in high school (Rumour) to finally fully accepting and celebrating her and her peers new found identities (Fashion Hurts).”

Wonderfully bold, the EP kicks off with “Intro (I Never Felt Hollywood)” which pairs Foxgluvv’s throwback Pop sound alongside the admission of never feeling like you could amount to something, as Hollywood was (and in some ways, still is) lacking the same level of diversity as society is today. It provides a voice for people who may feel in similar positions to listen to, and the way the vocals drawl on top of shimmering synthesisers creates the perfect opening to really get stuck in to the EP.

The paper-thin snap of the drums on “Uh Oh” adds some texture to the mix, allowing a bigger impact to be made for the chorus hook, which is simple but very effective. An undeniable groove fills the room as “Rumour” dives into another round of “eh, nevermind” vibes, introducing backing vocals and harmonies to the punchy instrumental. This leads nicely into “Desperately Seeking Susan”, a heartfelt number that sees idyllic sounds and harmonies fill the atmosphere with something that would fit right in a John Hughes film.

I Never Felt Hollywood is a fantastic EP from Foxgluvv. It’s an EP that shows the most vulnerable side of Imogen, but one that reveals it against the traditionally bold and confident elements of her sound. It’s brilliant.

Check out I Never Felt Hollywood below, and connect with Foxgluvv on Twitter and Instagram.


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