Foxgluvv – ‘Not Cute’ | Single Review

Foxgluvv returns with her new single ‘Not Cute’. I always hated being called cute, it was such a cop out to be given that in a world where men wish to be sexy or rugged or handsome. Granted I had a bowl cut and was a fan of Pokemon for most of my teenage years, but that’s beside the point.

‘Not Cute’ is an instantly engaging listen with heavy synths that seem to come straight from the 80’s, with it’s dusty aesthetic providing the perfect canvas for Foxgluvv to deliver some fairly straight-to-the-point lyricism detailing past relationships. The element of self-deprecation in the lyrics appeals to the inner-self-cynic in me, and definitely provides a wonderful line in “You’re not cool enough for me, and I’m not cute enough for you”. It’s a superb little modern disco tune, and I love the little hints of woodblock and handclaps that help ramp up the contrast of the track. Nice work, Foxgluvv!

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