Foxgluvv’s extortionate new single “Expensive”

Our favourite Fox returns with her new single and first offering of the year, “Expensive”. Having graced last year with “Fries” and “Not Cute”, Foxgluvv looks to continue tackling underrated yet very relatable topics. We all just wanna be extortionate bitches, afterall.

A slight, lo-fi synthesiser delivers a beat that noodles it’s way into the mind, once again projecting this 80’s aesthetic that Foxgluvv has built over the last couple of years. It’s easy to digest, and opens up the airwaves for Foxgluvv to lay down her forever-deadpan lyricism with a vocal performance that shines through the layers wonderfully. “Expensive” is a short but impactful little hit that details the struggles of being a musician with expensive taste. It’s glorious.

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