Francis of Delirium’s “Quit F*cking Around”

To say that this band is a newfound obsession of mine would be a grave understatement. To me, this song brings about the 21st century equivalent of those rock songs from the 90’s and I adore. it. It’s very refreshing. This song, in the words of the band itself, is about “breaking out of negative thinking habits and how we can fall into a pattern of despair especially in today’s climate”. You can immediately hear this in the song. It starts with a steady, consistent beat. However, as the song progresses, the beat gets more complex, more auditory details are inserted into the song, until we get to the break out, climactic chorus, exclaiming “quit f*cking around!

The song, essentially, is the product of our growing numbness to the chaos of the world around us, clashing with out innate desire to just do something, even if we don’t know where to start or what to do. A lyric I adore in the song that I think perfectly sums up the frustration that comes with that clashing is: “I lost the controls to my own game”. We are the players of our own game, and with how chaotic the world is today, it’s easy to feel like we are losing control of just being ourselves because we just don’t know where to turn or what to do.

It’s such a heavy subject for a song, such a chaotic feeling to try to sum up, but Francis of Delirium manages it. They create a song that gives the listener the tools to vent this frustration, and that’s the mark of a good song, to me at least: giving someone an outlet, voicing what we cannot voice.

This is Francis of Delirium’s first song, but it comes out of the gate swinging. Jana, the lead singer/songwriter, told me that they have over 1,700 voice memos on their phone of song ideas but when there’s something different in there, they can tell that it’s special. That reliance on yourself is so admirable. I think it’s rare for musicians just starting out to solely trust their gut, but in this case, it pays off remarkably. While this is still their first and only song, I think it marks a promising career for Francis of Delirium. You can check out their music video for this song (produced and edited by Jana) and keep your eyes peeled for their EP coming in April.

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