FUKC – ‘K.N.O.W’ / New Single

FUKC return with new single ‘K.N.O.W’. I’ve featured the duo quite a lot on the blog over the last year, mainly because they bring a certain level of groove that doesn’t get replicated often. ‘Everybody’s Lonely’ was included on the Good Sounds Playlist in July, which brought a storming mix of Punk and Dance together that still rings in my ears to this day. With the new single charged by the idea of white privilege, the duo looks to bring more of that thunder with ‘K.N.O.W’.

The instrumental is built with a hard-hitting rhythm, letting loose with an industrialised percussion that sounds straight from the underground. It glitches its way through the airwaves and slips into the ears, pairing nicely with the cold synths to concoct a robotic groove that’s full of jagged edges but sounds infectious. I love the way the vocals work with the music, sometimes sinking into the layers to add another dimension while also leading the way with another to-the-point performance.

‘K.N.O.W’ is a great song from FUKC. It’s one that immediately hooks you but comes with depth that gets you thinking too. With their debut EP set to be released in October, now is the perfect time to get into FUKC as I’m confident it’ll be a banger.

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