‘Water’ is the new single from Nashville’s Fulton Lee. With an EP to be released very soon, ‘Water’ is the first taste of a release that looks to deliver something a little outside the norm for the ears. With influences ranging from the likes of Little Richard and James Brown, this is a song that adds a modern twist to the jive of the 50s and makes an absolute belter of a track.

Filled to the brim with bright guitar riffs, warm basslines, claps and everything happy elements ‘Water’ is a very refreshing drink for the eardrums. Fulton’s vocals seemingly float between soft croons to funky falsetto with endless support from the backing vocals and harmonies that seem to be ripped straight from the rock n roll heyday. It’s wonderfully upbeat, and full of colour and life that immediately brightens anyone’s day. It’s such a good song.


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