Gabrielle Aplin has returned to our ears with new single ‘My Mistake’. Since bursting onto the scene five years ago, Gabrielle has established herself as an artist to turn to when you fancy listening to something that’s pure and from the heart, and this new single appears to be one of her most honest singles yet.

With regards to the new single, Gabrielle says ‘My Mistake’ “is a song about finding a strange sense of comfort in admitting to yourself that you’re not feeling 100% and completely owning it.”  With stadium-filling piano chords, soaring strings and anthemic drums, Gabrielle certainly does own it. The instrumental is crafted beautifully, and sounds organic enough to match the passionate delivery of the lyrics, which are belted out superbly.

A mix of quiet and loud moments allow the song to flow naturally, and I love that Gabrielle’s paired up the flaws with the booming bellows of the chorus. This act of defiance showcases a strong display of self-acceptance and will certainly do well at sinking into many listeners’ heads and hearts. ‘My Mistake’ is a dramatic, emotional anthem that comes with raw lyricism and a whole lot of balls. Gabrielle, you smashed it girl.

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