New Alcopop! signees Gaffa Tape Sandy makes a strong introduction with new single “Headlights”. “We wrote Headlights as an open embrace to anyone who finds it hard to talk about their mental health, and to serve as a reminder to check up on your loved ones in this busy stupid world”, the band stated. Fuck yes, we already like these guys.

A crunchy noodle of a guitar riff kicks off “Headlights”, immediately setting the tone for a listen that’s chaotic and in all different directions. The fast paced male/female vocals depict an overthinking mind, attempting valiantly to kid itself into believing that everything’s alright. The trio provide the perfect tempo that soon erupts into a momentous display of guitars that push aside the thoughts and leaves you with nothing but good music to dance to.

“Headlights” is a superb track from Gaffa Tape Sandy. It’s frantic pace dives deep into the mind and delivers all the group harmonies needed to make you feel good, even if for a minute or two.

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