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Sounds Good is a music blog from the UK that features artists all over the globe, regardless of buzz, audience, whatever. If your music is good then it’ll get featured. It’s all about the good music and good vibes, always.

If you’re an artist or represent an artist who has recently released music or has new music out soon, then please get in touch. Sounds Good is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but the best way would be to drop me (Adam) an email at

Please note that this is merely a hobby, so I won’t have the time to reply back to emails or DMs quickly. Nor will I be able to feature anything that’s out a day later. Also, it’d be nice to see some effort to be put into the submission. If you’re not willing to do simple things like mention my name or provide links to everything, then I’m not willing to listen to your song. Oh and for the love of Josh Homme, don’t send chaser emails/DMs every other day. That’s not me being a dick, but sometimes I have to protect my sanity.