Ever liked your ex’s new partner more than your ex? Can’t say we have, though that would procure some rather existential internal conversations. Gia Woods however discusses the topic boldly with her new single “New Girlfriend”. As Gia gears up for her first EP release on Disruptor Records, this love-bending tune is a hard hitting reminder that sometimes exes can be dicks.

This rather reactionary tune illustrates its rush of emotions wonderfully. Its intro is comprised of a lead lick that meanders into each direction at once, as a funk-filled bassline sinks into the hips, all while the clatter of the drums warp the mind back on track. The response is a chorus that explodes with the realisation of “I LIKE / I LIKE / I LIKE HER MORE THAN YOU” allowing the synths to let loose with a real sense of emancipation. “New Girlfriend” is an absolute jam from Gia Woods. It’s glorious, tongue in cheek and a wonderful way to throw a middle finger to your ex.

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