Giulia. – ‘Dreams’ / New Single

Giulia. is an artist with a G and a period and ‘Dreams’ is her new single. Having kicked off her adventure into music with debut ‘Back to Shore’ last year, the New York artist has kept a steady stream of music flowing since. Her third single of the year details the mix of emotions felt during a relationship, treading a tiny line between regretting it and relishing certain moments too.  

With a soft touch, ‘Dreams’ is a song that emits the feeling of freedom. It’s light on the music, emitting a barebones electronic sound that bounces against the gentlest of piano keys. Giulia.’s vocals float effortlessly through the layers, singing lyrics of strength and courage, derived from finally saying goodbye to something that has caused all manner of thoughts over the years. It’s playful in nature but has a heart that really strikes you. I think it’s wonderful.

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