Sometimes the first few days of the New Year for a music blog consists of catching up with releases you missed last year, and this is one of them. Swallow is the debut EP from duo God On My Right, and yes, I am gutted I didn’t get to hear it sooner. I’m also wondering how exciting it must have felt for the brothers – Sean and Michael Hollywood – to realise that they both wanted to create the same kind of music. The perks of being family.

These guys create a form of electronic rock that seems to wriggle into your head and melt it from inside. This is perfect earworm material, and a great way to kick off the year. Lead single ‘Kneel Down’ introduces this sound perfectly: heavily distorted guitars paired up with lo-fi, passionate vocals and riffs upon riffs upon riffs until you’re dead, having become overwhelmed in distorted bliss. It’s like the poppier sides of Nine Inch Nails and Sleigh Bells met Rage Against the Machine on a night out and eventually produced this preppy, angsty baby. It’s well good.

The duo use Swallow as a base to expand upon this sound by introducing songs that extend into the four minute mark, which allows things to progress into a vast direction to really show off their talents. Opening track ‘Not So Young’ stretches out the aggressive tone this time, allowing for atmospheres to be created which produces an ecosystem of dreamy synths, amped up guitars and electronic drums that are determined to beat some groove into the airwaves. This is also the case for the other longer track on the EP, ‘Blood Sport’, which uses it’s time to produce an instrumental that’s brooding beyond belief, yet still maintains the level of to-the-edge energy that once again turns your brain into goo.

Swallow is a superb EP, and a great way for God On My Right to kick off their career. It’s a wonderful mix of frantic explosions alongside mellower atmospheres, producing a strong concoction of avid noise-rock.


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