Golden Grey’s Mammoth Music Video for “One” ¦ PREMIERE ¦

Biblioteka Records is an independent label from Toronto that’s been carving a strong niche in the music industry, focusing on bringing instrumental and experimental music to the ears and especially pushing music made by womxn and LGBTIQI+ folks. Since its inception in 2017, the label has provided a platform for individuals of all kinds to publish their music. Already pushing the boundaries, the label will also be celebrating it’s first ever physical release. The first physical offering from BR is, rather fittingly, “One” by Golden Grey and we’ve got the privilege of premiering the music video for you today.

Golden Grey will be releasing his new EP Numbers on May 24th and “One” is the uh…first taste of what to expect. Dark, ambient tones flood the airwaves as twinkling keys pierce through the atmosphere, overshadowed wonderfully by the soaring wave of the vocals. Subtle introductions of percussion add some texture to this laid back instrumental, transforming this track into a wandering soundscape that sticks in the mind forever.

“One” moves at its own pace, and makes a statement that absolutely warrants becoming the first set of vinyl to be produced by Bibiolteka Records. It’s music video is an equally mysterious, intriguing watch and as mentioned, we’re truly privileged to premiere it for your lovely eyes!

Purchase “One” on Vinyl now, and check out Golden Grey on Twitter!

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