Sounds Good’s Good Sounds Playlist | 05.01.2018

Sounds Good’s Good Sounds Playlist is back for 2018! Every Friday this little blog will release a brand new setlist of TEN hot nuggets of eardrum candy for your listening pleasure. This week’s playlist features a mix of personal favourites, hits from the youth as well as a dazzling injection of fresh new music. There are currently FOURTEEN of you subscribed to the playlist, and it would be a pleasure to add more to the crew. Jump on in, clean those ears, and get DANCING.

Setlist for 5th January 2018:

Courts – ‘Feel My Love’ / This emerging quartet from my neck of the woods released a superb EP last year, so I’m hoping to hear more from them this year. ‘Feel My Love’ is my personal favourite of theirs.

DEDSA – ‘Lighter Click’ / Spotify’s Discover section is a godsend for discovering new music, and because of it I had the pleasure of having DEDSA’s Salmon Velocity cuddling my ears this week. This song is particular is groovy, moody and a little bit QOTSA, so appealed to me immediately.

Good Shoes – ‘Under Control’ / Feel so shit just want her back x SPRINGS to mind with regards to Good Shoes. These guys lit up my college days many moons ago and this song in particular is just so frantically sexy.

Sticky Fingers – ‘Our Town’ / Just as we mention sex comes Sticky Fingers with this little dance-y number. Loving the guitars riffing away on the dancefloor here.

Little Comets – ‘Dancing Song’ / TRIVIA TIME: Little Comets’ first album In Search of Elusive Little Comets inspired the name of the very first music blog I had Elusive Little Comments. ‘Dancing Song’ is the highlight of the record, and brings me back to a time where I contributed to the Twee-ist of music fanzines and had a strange devotion to Math Rock.

Total Giovanni – ‘Human Animal’ / This grooves a little like ‘Blurred Lines’ without the shadiness of ‘Blurred Lines’. It’s entertaining beyond belief, and I dig it so very much.

Ded Rabbit – ‘Pressure Pusher’ / Two and a half minutes of slightly aggressive Indie music. Like a slightly nicer Ty Segal, but still not that nice.

God On My Right – ‘Kneel Down’ / NOW THIS IS AGGRESSIVE. God On My Right’s debut EP Swallow became the first Release of the Week of 2018 and by god is it good, and this single is equally as good too.

Isaac Gracie – ‘Terrified’ / Long term followers probably saw this track on the playlist before, but now that I’ve written actual words for it I feel it warrants another listing. It’s just immense, isn’t it?

Lawrence Lui – ‘Honey So Blue (Chimes & Tremolo)’ / This is a pleasant palate cleanser of a listen. Very bright and fresh and lovely. Yummy.

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