It’s Monday morning! We’re all in places we don’t wanna be! That means it’s time to get some good music in the ears ASAP, and whaaaaaat!? The Good Sounds Playlist is here! I’ve decided to move it from Fridays to Mondays as Mondays are usually quite rubbish ain’t they? What better way to kick off your week than a selection of new tunes that could completely melt your mind. I’m particularly fond of this week’s playlist as I feel it’s pretty good. There’s now NINETEEN of you subscribed which is insane, thank you so much. Happy listening, lets start the week right!!

Good Sounds Playlist 05.02.2018:

No Hot Ashes – ‘Skint Kids Disco’
Callen – ‘Silver & Gold’
Baba Sonya – ‘Bones’
Indigos Paradise – ‘Prisma’
Sabrie – ‘I’m Alright’
Marmozets – ‘Lost In Translation’
Royal Blood – ‘Hook, Line & Sinker’
N.E.R.D – ‘Deep Down Body Thurst’
Marcus Marr – ‘The Trouble With Us’
Benny Mayne – ‘Bounce’


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