Hello! Welcome to the first Good Sounds Playlist of April! I will be away in Amsterdam come the end of the week so here’s a selection of tracks that will surely get you feeling that Amsterdam high (heh) too. As always, if you’re into new music then this is the playlist for you, so SUBSCRIBE TO IT. Or you know, don’t.

Good Sounds Playlist | 09.04.2018:

Foresteater – ‘Pretend Land’

Forgotten Sons – ‘Ragged Sails High’

Low Cut High Tops – ‘Typical’

Brother Sports – ‘I’ll Wait For You’

Pop Cautious – ‘SUNSHINE.’

Jailbox – ‘Angels In The Fog’

NEW CITY – ‘Getting Closer’

Shota Lodi – ‘Party Girl’

Nathan Angelo – ‘Spread A Little Happiness’

Queens of the Stone Age – ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’


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