Sounds Good’s Good Sounds Playlist | 12.01.2018

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another dose of new music! This week’s Good Sounds playlist features a lot of brand new singles and cuts from EPs and albums, alongside one of my favourite LCD Soundsystem songs as I had recently rediscovered This Is Happening again. There’s now FIFTEEN of you sweethearts following the playlist now which is immense. It’s almost time to start renting out town halls and venues as there’s no way we’re all gonna fit in my bedroom at this rate. Happy listening, see you next week! If you’re not following the playlist just yet then perhaps you should.

Setlist for 12th January:

Yacht Punk – ‘Existential Crisis’ / Some songs manage to balance moody and groovy perfectly, and this is one of them. Those melodies mixed with that bass and drums, hnng.

Angel Olsen – ‘Shut Up Kiss Me’ / Angel Olsen is another artist I’ve had in my eardrums recently, and this high tempo, defiant number is definitely a highlight.

VISTA – ‘Inside Anxious’ / This is something a little moodier than what we’d usually feature on Sounds Good but it manages to wriggle into my brain. This is good.

1955 – ‘Glory Days’ / These guys blew me away with the sauntering ‘The Big One’ and now this other hit looks set to dominate my listening for the foreseeable future.

Jeff Rosenstock – ‘Yr Throat’ / Having gifted the incredible POST- this early into the year it only made sense to throw a little nod to Jeff. Cheers Jeff.

Patawawa – ‘Patagonia’ / Honestly I expect most of you to have this song on heavy rotation already but man, it’s just so good.

Jean Tonique – ‘Lit Up’ / Similar to ‘Patagonia’, this song has me dancing horrifically in my bedroom.

Young Sierra – ‘Dream On’ / This emerging act delivers a soft but very danceable with this debut. Definitely ones to watch.

Jae Jin – ‘Indigo Road’ / I’m a sucker for a bit of RnB and Funk, and this song ticks all of those boxes.

LCD Soundsystem – ‘I Can Change’ / This is probably one of the only songs I’ve ever listened to that’s made my Mum ask for the name of it. That takes some special talent to have that happen.

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